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Brendan Walsh is known as the DRAIN MAN
...but we offer all these plumbing services:

Standard Residential Plumbing Services

We Repair it all! We can handle any plumbing job big or small. If you don't see it on these lists just give us a call.

Ask about our Annual Plumbing Check Up

In order to help you avoid emergencies and having to deal with issues when they become out of control. We offer an annual check up of your plumbing (faucets, drainage, sewer line) and gas appliances along with their gas delivery lines (stove, hot water heater and dryer).

Commercial Plumbing Services

Commercial plumbing services include excavation and various services to fellow plumbers, as well as camera line inspections for real estate professionals, plumbers and real estate investors.
See Our Commercial Plumbing Services website for more details.

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Major Plumbing Services

Trenchless Water & Sewer Lines

Save Your Trees, Driveway & Landscaping

30% Less cost than traditional digs.

Why have a long trench in your yard, when we can provide a trenchless solution... and save your lawn in the process!
Learn More...

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24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services. Free Estimates. Call 1-610-850-3400.

Residential & Commercial Plumbing Repair and Installation.
Over 17 Years Experience.

At Brendan Walsh Plumbing we don't send a salesperson to give you an in home estimate. We Send An Experienced Plumber!

We pay no franchise fees since we are Family Owned and Operated, giving you the best value!

You get the most accurate estimate for the options that are best for your home and budget.

Check out our Specials page for discounts or coupons for your next plumbing or remodeling needs.

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Tankless Hot Water Heaters ... call for more details.

Sewer Camera Line Inspection Service ... see our commercial services website

Water Purification Systems

Enjoy cleaner, purer, better tasting water with water purification systems for the home or office. For only pennies a day, water purification systems remove undesired chemicals and sediments which may be present in the water supply, including chlorine, lead and sources of other undesirable tastes and odors.

These purification systems are mainly out of sight and require little upkeep or maintenance. Choices can range from an entire house water purification system to a small system placed under your kitchen sink.

UV Water Filters to fight disease causing bacteria. UltraViolet (UV) light has been used by hospitals and other medical facilities for sterilization for many years and has become increasingly popular for the removal of bacteria, airborne viruses, and other contaminants in recent years.

This technology is now available for water purification and filtration systems in order to remove microscopic traces of algae, disease causing bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa commonly found in water.

The UV process disinfects water, preventing living organisms from reproducing, where other types of filtration simply remove undesirable non-living contaminants.

If you have ever had any issues with water quality, and want pure clean drinking water, a built-in water purification system may be just what the doctor ordered. Call us for a Free Estimate Today at 610-623-6500.

Geothermal Home Heating Systems:

In this area of the country geothermal heat is one of the most efficient heating and cooling technologies currently available.

Geothermal heat is similar to traditional heating but it works by using the constant temperature of the earth instead of using the high fluctuations of outside air temperature.

This allows the system to reach fairly high efficiencies on even the coldest of winter nights. Geothermal heat is able to heat, cool, and even supply the house with hot water.

Contact us for more details at 610-850-3400

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